Stay Awayke

Project details

Short Film | 2013

PLOT: How well do we use the internet? Is there something we do not know about it? Deep Web gives access to more than 300,000 pages that are not accessible via conventional browsers for a reason. 


Foivos Andriotis

Directed by: Nefeli Varthaliti, Petros Antoniadis
Produced by: Petros Antoniadis, John Nikolettos, Nefeli Varthaliti, Protasis Productions, Creative Cut
Written by: Nefeli Varthaliti

Cinematographer: Petros Antoniadis
Edited by: Anastasios Katehis
Music by: Anastasios Katehis, Pantelis Zoidis

Production Manager: Argiris Zachos
VFX Artist: John Katehis
Camera Assistant: Rafail Tsakalos
Making of: Anastasia Mastrakouli
Production Assistants: Argiris Zachos, Michalis Constantinou 

Technical Info

Duration: 06min.
Aspect Ratio: 1:2,35
Shot on: Black Magic Cinema Camera | Canon EF Lenses
Greece, 2013

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