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Project details

Coming Soon

This film or it's trailer have not yet been released. It will be available in this link as soon as it gets on air. Thank you

Short Film | 2017

PLOT: Heimlich is homely. Paris lives in an unhomely home. Serena wants a home, in a place you wouldn’t exactly call Paris. They drink. They talk. They merge. In water, beer and memory. A frog leaps. Strange. Stranger. Unhomely. Unheimlich. Stranger than home.


Makis Papadimitriou, Io Asithianaki

Directed by: Kostantinos Bakouris
Produced by: Magikon, Petros Antoniadis, Protasis Productions

Cinematographer: Petros Antoniadis
Production Designer: Anna Noti
Edited by: Konstantinos Aspiotis
Music by:
Co Produced by: Anna Noti, Arctos Films S.A., Matchframe, DCS

Production Manager: Giannis Nikolettos
1st Assistant Director: Dimitris Giamloglou
Make up / Hair Stylist: Elli Kiriazidou
Production Sound: Antonis Zervos
Gaffer: Haris Pournias
1st Camera Assistant: Rafail Tsakalos
2nd Camera Assistant: Vagelis Tzifakis
Making of: Anastasia Mastrakouli
Assistant Set Decorator: Kassiani Leondiadou
Script Supervisor: Tonia Giannoula
Production Assistants: Alexandros Rokas, John Thodosiadis
Set Photographer: Eleni Korakaki
Accent Supervisor:

Assistant Editor:
Colorist: Angelos Ballas
Sound Designer:

Technical Info

Duration: 18min.
Aspect Ratio: 1:1,85
Shot on: Arri Alexa Plus | Carl Zeiss Super Speed Primes
Greece, 2016

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