ECOS | The Artist

Project details

TVC | 2019

How can an artist change the picture? Since 1957, Earth Friendly Products, the maker of ECOS, is creating a different world. Step by step, bottle by bottle a clean, healthy and sustainable today for all! #ECOS


Pre-production is where all the magic happens, where the project turns from words into vision.
Communicating ideas and references is key to deciding the visual approach and, since “one picture is 1000 words”, images / pictures are the best way to go.
Thanks to Mark Workman and the Cinematography Database the pre-visualization tools are now at the hands of cinematographers as well. During the pre-production of “The Artist” we used Cine Designer to pre-visualize the outcome and we are thrilled on how close the final results are to the prep renders. Here follow some examples:



Directed by: Petros Antoniadis
Creative Director: Petros Antoniadis
Cinematographer: Petros Antoniadis
Produced by: Graduate Pictures Co., Stuart McClave

Technical Info

Duration: 1min
Aspect Ratio: 1:2,35
Shot on: Arri Alexa Mini | Carl Zeiss Master Anamorphic Primes
USA, 2019


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