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The Chosen: No1 in the US Box Office

  “With $10.645 million over seven days, it has already passed (or will pass today) the lifetime totals of The Last Duel ($10.9 million), Last Night In Soho ($10.1 million), Cry Macho ($10.2 million). Once it tops $13.5 million and King Richard, it’ll have passed every awards season Oscar contender thus far save for Dune, House of Gucci and (presumably) West Side Story. The musical religious melodrama will expand nationwide and extend its run through (at least) December 12, although […]

Eric’s Perspective Premieres Season 1

A podcast series on African American art with Eric Hanks Eric Hanks | EP1 African American art specialist, owner of the renowned M. Hanks Gallery and commissioner on the Los Angeles County Arts Commission; offers his perspective on African American art through in-depth conversations with fellow art enthusiasts where they discuss the past, present & future of African American art. Produced by: N&T Entertainment Director of Photography: Petros Antoniadis

48Hours | Top 10 out of 2,000+

This quarantine has been very creative! Along with my “bubble-mates” Panos Mouzourakis, Gina Varela and cooperators Georgios Feidas and Antonis Skokos we participated at the 48HOURS:Lockdown of New Zealand and our film “Murder in Filmmaking Express” made it to Finalists – Top 10 out of more than 2,000 teams! Facts about the 2020 48Hours (New Zealand) and this competition (“Lockdown”): The film has to be written, shot, edited and sent within 48 hours Date: Friday April 17 – Sunday April […]

ECOS #strongertogether

With Covid-19 having put the entire globe to it’s knees, during these unprecedented circumstances, we need to stay healthy. Stay clean. And Stay Strong. New TVC for ECOS #strongertogether | Watch it here!  

“The Spectator” is now streaming

The Spectator (dir. Thodoris Vournas) is now available online. Watch the full film here!

  • CaCA (Oct. 2019) - Best Cinematography
  • CaCA (Oct. 2019) - Best Short Film
  • CaCA (Oct. 2019) - Best Director
  • CaCA (Oct. 2019) - Best Film of The Month

CaCA – Best Cinematography (and more)

Following up the honors from the ECA, ACA and NYCA, the Canadian Cinematography Awards (CaCA) presents “Flickering Souls Set Alight” with 4 Awards: Best Short Film (Iakovos Panagopoulos & Petros Antoniadis) Best Director (Iakovos Panagopoulos) Best Cinematography (Petros Antoniadis) and the Best Film of the Month giving the film it’s second nomination for the 2020 #GoldenEagle Awards!

LAGFF – Audience Award

Following up it’s world premiere at the 2019 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, Flickering Souls Set Alight wins the Orpheus Audience Award for Best Short at the Festival!

Producers Iakovos Panagopoulos (director) and Petros Antoniadis (cinematographer) received the award while Panagopoulos deticated it to all the families that suffer from ALS.

To find out more about the Flickering Souls Set Alight please visit:

Flickering Souls Set Alight

1:1 Ratio goes… Cooke! #ShotOnCooke

Article on Cooke Optics’ website #ShotOnCooke, featuring Flickering Souls Set Alight emphasising on the cinematography and how the 1:1 aspect ratio along with the vertical to the sensor anamorphic format play a dramatic storytelling role.

READ THE ARTICLE HERE: http://shotoncooke.com/video/flickering-souls-set-alight/