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Hello there!

Well, what could I really say in here? Maybe I should take it right from the beginning. So, I was born in Chania, Greece in 1992 from two amazing and very supported parents. My grandfather was a painter (his name Petros Vlachakis) and from a very early stage of my life he taught me how to paint. This was the starting point I believe that turned into the love of creating pictures and by the age of 10 it had taken it’s shape. One day coming back from school I said to my parents:

You know what? I am gonna become a cameraman!

Because the size did matter back then, and my family could not afford a “big” camera, I decided that I would built one myself! 2 years in development at my father’s garage workshop, many camera-toys came out, some of them quite realistic looking I should admit but with a small problem… They were not really functional!

At the age of 12 I was lucky enough to afford (my parents and grandfather actually did) an old VHS camera which was… big! I shot 2 shorts and my 3rd one called “The Ideal” was seen by the Academy Award winner cinematographer Walter Lassally who became a daily part of my life giving me the privilege to listen, watch and learn!

The rest unfolds here! I hope you enjoy!