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This quarantine has been very creative! Along with my “bubble-mates” Panos Mouzourakis, Gina Varela and cooperators Georgios Feidas and Antonis Skokos we participated at the 48HOURS:Lockdown of New Zealand and our film “Murder in Filmmaking Express” made it to Finalists – Top 10 out of more than 2,000 teams!

Facts about the 2020 48Hours (New Zealand) and this competition (“Lockdown”):
    • The film has to be written, shot, edited and sent within 48 hours
    • Date: Friday April 17 – Sunday April 19
    • Elements to include in the film:
      1. Arc Shot
      2. Echo
      3. Photograph
    • The film had to happen within your bubble but file sharing is allowed with other (to enlarge your team online).
    • Key Members of the Judging Committee include Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood and many more great international film makers. Check the entire list here.
More than 2,000 teams enrolled with over 1,200 completed films on time and eligible in the competition.
From them 25 were selected by the 48Hours team and sent to the judges you picked the 10 Finalists and the winners (all the cash prices).
Here is the list with all the Finalists & Winners.
The Results were announced at an 1-hour Special at New Zealand’s TV2. You may watch the entire special here.
Our Project: “Murder in Filmmaking Express
Out team: PINA
Alloted Genre (to our team): Whodunnit
Core team:

Collaborators (through file sharing):



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